Pilates (Pil – lah – teez)

Welcome! Whether you’re a novice to Pilates or an ‘old hat’ at the practice, you will find that the classes I offer can challenge you to learn and understand the technique and keep improving and gaining the benefits!

Some people choose to do Pilates for the body sculpting effects. Others discover the positive benefits after being referred for medical and rehabilitatory reasons.

Whatever your reason for doing (or wanting to do) Pilates, you can be assured the technique is superb in preventing potential injuries, appropriate for any age and most importantly, it works!

THE BENEFITS can be significant depending on a person’s commitment to Pilates and their reason for doing it.

Specifically you can expect Pilates to help you:

  • Build strength
  • Teach body awareness
  • Promote good posture and alignment
  • Improve flexibility and joint mobility